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I do not teach out of books and all my lessons are custom tailored to the individual students ability and goals. Please do not allow yourself to be fooled by guitar players, who only "teach" to make extra money. Run away from any teacher willing to charge you for reading a book, or that can't teach advanced techniques and music theory! Don't tolerate a teacher who doesn't have a plan for you to reach your goals, either! Far too often I get students from other "teachers", who have struggled for months or even years, because their teacher fits that exact description.

The best part about teaching is watching my students grow and develop as players and musicians! Seeing the look on their face, when they finally get something that they were stuggling to understand or play before. That is my greatest reward! I love teaching and it shows in my students progress!

Hi, my name is Will Flaherty. I'm the owner and teacher at Rockstar Guitar Studio!

I've been playing, performing and teaching for approximately 18 years now. I was a teen prodigy and learned very fast. I started playing at the age of 14 and was teaching others and performing in bands a year later. I recorded with several local artists, as well as played guitar in several radio commercials around that time. I also ran a guitar lesson website called Guitarshred.com for many years.

I'm currently creating DVD Guitar lessons for Metal Method. My first release was Metal Rhythm Extreme.

My goal is to provide quality lessons and instruction to anyone interested in learning the guitar on any level. I teach students what they need to reach their playing goals. I don't force them to learn a style of music or something that will not help them progress towards those goals. Guitar playing is ultimately about fun and self expression and I want to instill a love and enjoyment for the instrument in all of my students!